Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Blog To Enjoy

I stumbled upon a blog by way of a comment left on my blog and now I am a follower.
Please drop by http://nomadicjoe.blogspot.com for an enjoyable read about the expat life in Turkey.

Speaking of Turkey I gained one of my best travel lessons there. Trying to catch a cab from the Grand Bazaar to the Movenpick hotel. Could not for the life of us find a taxi driver who understood or knew where the Movenpick was. Our plastic hotel key provided only the name of the hotel.

Fortunately one of the cab drivers made a call and we were on our way. Lesson learned? When I check into a hotel the first thing I do is grab a business card and put it in my wallet, like clockwork!

If you have a blog that you would like me to read please leave a comment.

Speaking of comment, why is it every time I mention, comment, I get a few spam comments in my inbox?

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Nomad said...

I wonder how the taxi driver could have missed Movenpick?! It is one of the largest, fanciest hotels in the center of town. Must be moonlighting.
Another travel tip: One thing I did when I was in New York was to go to Google Maps and print out directions to all the places I needed to go. They have car and walking directions. I also would look at the street view for a idea what the area looked like before I got there. Isn't the internet cool?