Monday, January 11, 2010

Messy Place

My wife and I take a morning walk/jog along the Galle Face Green usually every morning. What a surprise that awaited us as we approached The Green. The place was a mess.

Granted it was Monday morning and it was a weekends worth of trash, but all over the place, not in dumpsters.

Now add the many crows poking through everything and it just looked like awful.

There are pineapple and mango vendors that serve them in little plastic bags (Like you get at the grocery store). So people buy them, eat the fruit, then toss the bag on the ground. Other vendors wrap the food in newspaper, yep, on the ground, along with plastic bottles and everything else.

This stuff makes it way to the "beach" and then eventually out to the ocean as well.

I have mentioned before that we have seen the Sri Lankan President walking along The Green in the morning and I can't believe he has never commented on the mess.

Tomorrow morning it will most likely be cleaned up.


Nomad said...

I have done a lot of thinking on this subject while I was in Turkey. You see the same things, people trashing their own beautiful country without a second thought. As far as I can see, people will trash public areas while they are excessively devoted to their own homes. I mean, right up to the front door. We were brought up singing "This land is my land, this land is your land," Maybe that has something to do it.

docreport said...

I used to be so disappointed with how trashy Uruguay was. That country is a national park in the USA compared to this place!
Yeah, nobody cares if it's public.