Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best Indian Meal Ever

Just returned from Chutneys at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. They have a veggie buffet on Tuesday nights that we have kept saying we wanted to try, but for whatever reason always missed it.
Tonight we didn't.


First the ambiance of the restaurant is excellent, door man, host, server, the whole enchilada. They had three guys in traditional garb playing a guitar, flute (Recorder) and drums playing Indian music. Very cool background music.

The buffet was great. We started off with a salad plate then returned for a few spoons each of some of the different curry's. We both opted not to get any rice although I did get a few pieces of naan (Indian grilled bread).

Every bite of curry was delicious. It was difficult if not impossible to nail down any one curry as our favorite.

This was by far the best Indian meal I have ever had, bar none.

I love Indian food. Now don't get me wrong, do I miss a fat pulled pork North Carolina BBQ sandwich? Would I like some steamed and raw oysters? Would I like some back home diner food like meat loaf and fried chicken? Of course! But Indian food is in a category of its own. The spices, the flavors, it can't be ignored.

So drop by your local Indian place and give it a try!

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