Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Unpacking Day

The movers arrived with all of my household effects, 118 boxes of it, to include a king sized bed that will have them all cursing me under their breath today (More of that).

The boxes all came up with no problem, they called off the box number I checked them off the list and told them what room to put it in. I had laid out a table of cold drinks and cookies and kept telling them to help themselves, when they took a break a broke out the fried rolls (Chicken, shrimp etc.), kind of hard to explain but they loved them, that and a Sri Lankan favorite Elephant brand ginger beer (Not beer, just ginger drink).

So all went well until the bed. They tried bringing it up the interior stairs, it wouldn't fit. They tried the passenger elevator, wouldn't fit, on top of the passenger elevator (Not kidding), wouldn't fit, the freight elevator, wouldn't fit. Just when I thought it would never make it to my apartment there it is in the hallway. Best I can make from the movers I think they put it in top of the freight elevator, as in the elevator was one floor down, they opened the elevator door on the floor above it and pushed it it. More room, no elevator walls to reduce space.

In the end they helped unpack some boxes but I decided it was getting to confusing so I got them together and gave them some Rupee's and thanked them for all of their hard work.

Attached photo: 75 year old toothless, barefoot Sri Lankan mover (I gave him some Rupees off the side)

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