Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Passed the CISSP Exam

Thank God! The endless studying, the stress waiting for the exam results, the stress opening the email. I wanted to see one word, just one word when I opened the email, "Congratulations!".
Anything other, and you know you failed.

It's a horrible exam, 250 questions covering 10 different subject areas in IT Security. You get 6 hours to take the exam, but it shouldn't take that long. The questions are horribly worded and there are very few if any "Gimme" easy questions. The only good thing about the exam is that uit is all multiple choice, the bad thing is it costs $550!!!

I took the exam September 19th in Reston, VA. and just got the results today so you see how long I had to wait for the results.

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations !!

You passed the exam soon , did they really change the exam ? and the shon harris AIO 4th is outdated !! I was preparing but one of my friends told me that there is a new version of the exam and that I have to wait for the 5th edition !! please advise and if u dont mind pls share ur study plan and materials .