Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unpacking Day Redux and Housekeeper

Here is the carnage from my first day of unpacking. I unpacked quite a few boxes and dragged them to the freight elevator and called it quits. Then I got a second wind and unpacked some more boxes and left them in the apartment.

During the delivery of the boxes I met the housekeeper for the apartment next door, she asked if I needed a part time housekeeper and I asked her the most important question "Will you cook me dinner?" she said no problem. She also used to clean my apartment for the gentleman who lived here before me.

I left her a note this morning and told her not to worry about cooking. It was great to come back and find my laundry washed and folded, bathrooms clean, bed made, kitchen cleaned. Thank God, and I do Thank God!

So she is going to work 1/2 days Monday through Friday for 10,000 Rupees, about $86 a month.

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