Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Chinese Dinner

A lady at work has been inviting groups of people to go to a Chinese restaurant and eat a family style dinner and Chris and I keep forgetting time and time again. This time I said we wouldn't forget it. I even made a calendar reminder that sent me an email although I didn't need it.

We went with her the restaurant and the first neat thing was that we got our own private dining room, even had it's own bathroom.

The table had a big glass ring in the middle that rotated around (Ala lazy susan).

Another couple and family joined us for a total of 8 adults and 3 children.

Our host ordered multiple things for us off the menu.

The food kept coming and coming and was placed on the glass ring and we would just turn it and scoop some food on on our plates or take some soup and continue.

This was not your $8.99 Chinese buffet food, this was authentic Central China food. In case your wondering, yes, they had Chinese cooks.

It was very delicious and not overly spicy. There were plenty of dishes to even satisfy the vegetarian's amongst us.

The wait staff was quick to clear the table and pour cup after cup of green tea,

After it was all said and done the bill came to about $86USD. Absolutely incredible.

We are definitely going to be doing this more often!

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