Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Corner - Finished Reading

Plenty Enough Suck To Go Around by Cheryl Wagner
224 pages
Non Fiction
Personal Stories

I picked this one up off a whim after reading the front cover for Chris, she read it and said it was good, then I read it.

The book is a collection humorous stories of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and recovering from a flooded home. The author and her husband saw pretty much everything they own get destroyed, their neighborhood become crime riddled and just all in all their attitudes about everything changing.

I am also a horrible book reviewer which is usually why I just get to the point whether or not I liked the book ; )

I noticed that other New Orleans residents were the harshest critics of this book.

Granted the authors writing didn't always flow very well, but overall it comes together.

A good weekend read and you can find it used and cheap on Amazon.

I'm going with a good read.

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