Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Nanny

Everywhere you go here your bound to run into a family with children in
tow being watched over by a nanny. Back in the States the wealthier
families can afford a nanny, everyone else a babysitter at best, more
often than not a home care babysitter watching over several children.
Here you can have a full time nanny watch over your kids, clean the
house and run errands for very little money, probably around $200 per

When we attend church we can look through the window as see a small
group of nannies waiting outside close to one of the exit doors waiting
for the children to come out. At the grocery store the couple looks at
the food while the nanny walks behind cradling a baby. At the fancy
hotels you see the couple relaxing pool side while the nanny watches the

Today we went to the Hilton Hotel for its famous Sunday brunch. I made
reservations and was told that we would have to sit out in the overflow
section in the lobby, was hoping for a window seat by the lake to watch
the black swans and koi swim by. When we arrived the hostess said she
can sit us inside the main dining area and we ended up getting the best
seat in the house for two people. A family came to sit next to us,
obviously well to do Sri Lankan family with 3 children and a young
nanny. We were both curious if they were going to pay the almost $25
for her to eat the brunch buffet. As you can imagine, no. The parents
got a plate to feed the toddler and she had to feed the kid. I don't
know. I couldn't do that. If I had someone that lived with us day in
day out like that they would be part of the family. I couldn't take
them to brunch to watch everyone at a table scarf down on delicious food
while she watched. Just strange.

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