Monday, June 14, 2010

Maid in Sri Lanka

So Chris tells me today that the guards are probably a little "upset" at
her, not the word she used. You see Chris often has our housekeeper run
errands for us, such as go shopping for groceries or pay the phone
bill. What we didn't know if that the guards had been holding her up at
the guard station when she would return from shopping and go through the
grocery bags. But she would not have said something if not for the fact
she was going home and they inspect her bags when she is leaving and
they found an empty peanut bar jar. See she has asked if we would save
any empty plastic jars and let her have them, of course no problem.
They held her for one hour and questioned her over an empty peanut
butter jar! Unbelievable!

We have a large standing chest in our foyer that we put things we give
her, clothes and the like, and if she is taking them Chris writes her a
note that says we are giving it to her as a gift. She didn't think that
she would have to write one for a peanut butter jar.

I have left somethings for the apartment housekeepers by placing it by
the trash chute and I know they take it, and then I wondered, well how
did they get that past the guards without a note?

So Chris went down to the guard station with our housekeeper, the guards
hardly speak any English so they just spoke to our housekeeper and told
her it was apartment management policy. Chris called the apartment
management and gave them a piece of her mind.

Our housekeeper had mentioned she had been given grief for paying our
bills, which makes absolutely no sense at all! She's not stealing from
us, she's paying the bill! You'd have to be here to understand why it's
convenient to have her pay our bills, anything can happen.

There is another reason that I know the guards give her grief but I
won't mention it here, although there probably is a bit of jealousy
being that she probably makes as much money as they do and works fewer
hours and speaks better English.

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