Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Music Video: Boston - More Than A Feeling

I try to keep YouTube posting to my blog to as little as possible. Sometimes I find something that I just have to share, Boston's More Than A Feeling, what a classic rock song that defines my generation. I absolutely love this song.
Great guitar riffs and awesome singing by lead-man (And now deceased) Brad Bjorkman.
Put on your headphones and crank it up!


Nomad said...

Love that song! What about "Yes"? See all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I'm on my way.

By the way, you will probably have to reduced the size from what Youtube gives you. My main column is 400 by 350. I think so parts were cropped. I could be wrong, of course. Also have you ever heard of Live Writer? It makes posting for the blogs so much easier.
You have a great day!

docreport said...

Oh I see, ugh. Didn't fit.
I plan on moving to a two column template soon.
I'll check out Live Writer, is there a Ghost Writer too! LOL!