Thursday, May 20, 2010

Raining Everyday

The rain has been incredible. Everyday, non-stop torrential downpours. So I found out that we have been getting the outer bands of Cyclone Laila that is heading towards India on the East coast. this has not been monsoon rains, the monsoon rains are coming!

I have seen quite a bit of damage caused by the rains, trees falling, a brick wall that fell down but the worst part is the flooding.

Our housekeeper tells us that she walks in knee deep water to get to our apartment and that her home has been flooded every night. We offered her our guest bedroom but she wouldn't accept, we offered her additional money to take a trishaw to work, she wouldn't accept it. She said that we give her so much already.

I took a train trip with my son to Kandy (In the interior of the country). We rode by many neighborhoods of what basically nothing but shacks constructed of whatever material is available. Well these entire neighborhoods were flooded. Mind you these homes do not have running water and they don't even have outhouses as we think of them but sewage pits. Add the floods to these conditions and it's ripe for diseases. The government said that it is releasing additional money to take of the flood victims, I hope it reaches out to everyone in need.

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