Friday, March 5, 2010

The Upgrade Downgrade

The nice thing about our apartment is that it includes free ADSL Internet service at 512kb download speeds. Well, it's supposed to, but closer to 384kb or less in reality. I have wanted to upgrade our service to a 2 Megabyte line and after dragging my feet finally got started on the quest.

I started at work and submitted the request, no problem I was told. Then the days went by and I inquired and was told that my Internet service had indeed been upgraded, but indeed it had not. So I tried with the apartment management who sent a phone tech out, he spent a half an hour with talking with the phone company only to tell me that my Internet service had been upgraded I had to reconfigure my router. Somehow I knew that this was a total farce but I did it anyway, resetting it to factory defaults, but no 2MB service. So I called the phone company and they told me that it had not been upgraded. They also suggested that I go directly to their office and submit a request.

I leave for the phone company office at one building only to be told that I had to go to a phone company office at another building. There I had to take a number and wait forever, only to be told by the customer service representative that only the apartment management can submit the request (Because they own the internal phone lines).

I was able to get in touch with someone with the apartment management who said she would check into it and call me right back, right back has been three days ago and I have yet to be able to reach her since.

I checked at work and was told that they had been in touch with someone at the apartment management and will be doing something about it.

This whole fiasco has been going on for well over 3 weeks!

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Nomad said...

That sounds very familiar. It used to be the same in Turkey. If you wanted your phone line, you would have to sit at home all day and by 6 in the evening, when you had lost all hope, you could figure you would need to call them the next morning and start waiting all day again. But they can sure cut off the power/water/ Internet within hours if you forget to pay one month though. It used to be exactly the same and it was maddening. And it wasn't just the government things, business ran like that too. I am not sure why it started to improve but it did.
Ok.. somewhat.

Ok, ask me tomorrow.