Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Grass is Always Greener or How the Other Half Lives

When we lived in Montevideo we really liked our apartment, it was just the right size and close to work. It wasn't until we had visited some other apartments did we realize that the company provided much nice apartments, we just didn't get one. Neither one of us would consider complaining or mumbling under or breaths given that it's all provided for free.

Next stop Sri Lanka.

So here we have this big apartment, larger than our brick home in Virginia Beach. It has it's quirks (Maybe I will blog about that), but it's just the right size and close to work.

Well our rooftop swimming pool has been less than cared for lately to the point that we just avoid using it. And although our fitness room tries to be a fitness room, it's doesn't have enough equipment and it is tight on space.

A coworker told us we should come and visit her pool, it's large and in the full sun (Ours is covered with this strange architectural thing). So we walked over and into this big lobby and found the elevators, We pushed the button for the floor with the pool but the elevator wouldn't go up. Two security guards get in the elevator and place a swipe card by a reader and he pushes a button to a floor, we follow suit.

When we make it to the floor with the pool we can't believe our eyes, it's a big lap pool, a big clean lap pool complete with attached kiddie pool and jacuzzi as well as a padded running track, outdoor showers and a covered playground. After enjoying the pool and lounging around we toured the rest of the facilities to include a very large and very modern fitness center with lots of equipment, a locker room and what I didn't see was that they also have a sauna and game room. Did I mention they have a man there to provide you with towels?

We walked up a floor and there they have a restaurant with great views. A look at the men found a nice selection and extremely reasonable prices.

To me it would be worth moving there if just for the pool and fitness center! That and I wouldn't have to cross the street to go the food court anymore, LOL! Can we mover over there? Who knows. You'll read about it here.

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