Monday, March 15, 2010

The One Phone Call - Upgrade Dowgrade

doc meyer
So that's all it took, one phone call to the right person at the phone company to get our ADSL upgraded, and I'm not sure that the apartment management did it.

Here's the story. I get a call from the apartment management this morning and they told me that my Internet service has indeed been upgraded, again. She tells me that I have been upgraded to a 4MB service (Although I had only requested 2MB), to confirm everything she tells me what she believes is my phone number, it's not. I know for a fact our neighbor across the hall has a 4MB connection to which I told her, it's probably him that the phone company was referring to.

I was visiting the company's phone techs and brought one of them a shirt that was to large for me. I told them the latest and greatest with my situation. The guy I gave the shirt to asked me my phone number and said he would make a phone call to the telephone company. I went to my office and no sooner entered that my colleague told me the phone company had called and said I would have upgraded ADSL by close of business.

I arrive home and low and behold, yes, it was upgraded, to 4MB which I didn't want, but it was upgraded.

Also the rest of my parts to connect the computer to my plasma tv arrived. Sadly the video card that I ordered was not what I expected. I swear I researched and read every review I could find, I swear I thought it had a DVI port, but it didn't.

The wireless antennae turned into a slight nightmare. It installed easy enough, but was a huge headache to connect to my wireless network. The problem was Symantec Endpoint Protection, don't use it.

The ATI Radeon 9250 video card seemingly installed easy enough, but lots of pop up errors when the computer starts up. I attribute this to Symantec as well. When I get around to it I am going to compeletly uninstall the software package and reinstall. The computer is a little old and slow to boot up so I'm not exactly looking forward to this venture.

Oh, the 4MB ADSL? Not as good as expected. I thought with 4MB service we could watch streaming videos with no problem, hardly. Mind you, better than 512kb, but not great. Did notice typical downloads were much quicker though.

Yeah the picture has absolutely nothing to do with computers : )

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