Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making a spectacle of my spectacles

doc meyer
I've been needing new glasses for awhile now. My eyes have been hurting and tearing while sitting at my desk looking at a computer screen all day and problems reading.

Step one find an optometrist and get my eyes checked. As luck would have it there was one right across the street at the shopping mall.

First I tried calling a multiple of phone numbers listed on their website, as is the norm around here this was a lesson in futility.

I walked across the street to the optometrist and inquired about an eye exam, I knew they sold sunglasses but wasn't sure if they performed eye exams but they did, for free. My favorite price!

The eye exam went easy enough, as expected my eye sight had become a little worse.

I picked out some stylish new frames, NOT! Picked out some frames much like my old ones. I was told I could pick them up in 3 days.

The big day came and I picked up my glasses. It was a little weird trying to get used to them but I figured in time I would.

No more than 2 hours or so into wearing my new glasses that my eye started to hurt very bad and started tearing up. Took off the glasses, my eyes didn't hurt.

I went back to the optometrist and he gave my another eye exam, the results were pretty much the same as my previous exam. He is going to send the glasses back for some additional adjustment. In his opinion I just need to give the glasses some time. I'm not sure about this, we'll see. Get it, we'll see : )

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