Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Movie Theater Experience

Just returned from watching Avatar at the Liberty Cinema Theater. It was a pretty neat experience.

First I went to the theater and purchased 2 box seat tickets for the 7:00PM showing. It was 400 Rupees per ticket. Regular seating was something like 235 and balcony seating 325.
I could have reserved and purchased the tickets on the web but I couldn't get the web site to recognize my national identity card number.

We caught a ride to the theater, although we could have walked. There was no lines outside but the place was packed.

We showed the usher our tickets and he escorted is to our box seat.

It was an enclosed box area on the ground floor in the back of the theater. It had its own door and 2 seats without a middle armrest for special close together snuggling.

I bought a Coke and bottle of water before the show began all for 100 Rupees, not even $.90USSD.

At the halfway point during the movie there was an intermission. The lines were pretty long at the snack counter. There wasn't much asides chips and bags of popped popcorn (Not the hot stuff) and peanuts. The prices were really inexpensive.

When the movie started again the entire theater was full of the sound of crinkling bags, it was pretty funny.

At the end of the movie we waited for the theater to thin out, it was kind of embaressing as everyone is looking at us, in our box seat.

Don't ask me about the movie...

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