Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Food Court Experience

Just across the street from our apartment is a shopping mall. In the basement level is a small food court. Probably all in all including the hot dog stand no more than 10 vendors. There is sushi, Sri Lankan, Indian, Chinese, ice cream/smoothies stand and a Pizza Hut Express.

It's not like visiting a food court in the U.S.A. They have common cutlery stands to get forks and spoons and you can leave your trays or dishes on the table as they have people to pick them up. In fact the men who pick up the trays and dishes are usually nice enough to take it from your table when they see you're finished.

For us a typical meal would be at Shanmuga's which is an Indian vegetarian place. We can get a belly filling meal for around 250 Rupees (Around $2.20USD). The different spices in the curry's taste so good. Finish it off with a trip to the ice cream stand or the deserts place and get an ice cream sundae or a personal sized apple pie for around $1.25. The goodies at the desert place are incredible. For me to call this just an apple pie is not doing it justice. It must weigh a solid 1 pound.

One interesting thing I noticed about the customers of the food court is that they are a different class of Sri Lankan's. To us going to the food court and spending under $10, well probably closer to $5 for two meals and deserts is a good thing, for most Sri Lankan's that is just out of the question. A Sri Lankan lunch packet sold on the street will cost about 100 Rupees and it is filled with rice and a good serving of curry.

I noticed that the kids that go there are definitely more Western, speak better English etc. You can tell the that the family's that visit the food court have money. Lunchtime the crowd is cal young professionals bunch.

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