Sunday, October 18, 2009

Walk to the shopping center

Decided to go for a walk to Majestic City, a shopping center full of a hodge podge of electronics, jewelry and bootleg DVD stores.

The walk there was not pleasant. I had no sooner started my walk that I am approached by a con guy, I couldn't decide if I wanted to mess with him or tell him to go away, I told him to go away.
Hadn't gone but a few blocks when an old man walks along with me, starts up a conversation, he's getting annoying and I'm looking for my break. He then produces "the sign". Whats that?
He tells me he's a teacher and shows me his "laminated card", the con men here use it as a way of saying, hey look, I'm so important I have a laminated card, then he hands me this paper he had been carrying in a folder and it has a paragraph written in a couple of different languages. Basically it said something to the effect that "He is allowed to collect money for such and such orphanage etc etc." believe me, he's not. That was my cue to walk faster.

It was a hot humid sunny day. Add to this the air pollution, the countless beggars and pitiful looking stray dogs along the way, I was beginning to question why I wanted to take this walk.

The sidewalks are awful to and I had to pass at least 3 army checkpoints but they never stop me.

I get to the shopping center and there are beggars lined up in wheelchairs and on crutches and you feel awful.

Funny thing about the mall is that they have someone who checks your bag and a soldier who asks for your ID card. I don't have my card yet. I noticed there were stairs that led down, I walked down and it went to an entrance to the food court. Nobody running a checkpoint there and I can go right to the mall.

I was in the mall but a minute when a beggar approached me.

Didn't stay long and caught a tuk tuk home.

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