Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nice Dinner

It was just a gorgeous day today, even though it was cloudy. On my walk home I thought for sure the bottom would drop out, but it never did rain and it was nice and cool.

I got back to the apartment and I had a nice baked chicken dinner with au gratin potatoes (Was going to skip the "e" on the end for humor) waiting for me.

Decided to take my dinner and netbook out to the patio and watch the sunset and have my dinner. It was so relaxing. Pulled up my 80's hits on the netbook and had my dinner while the sun dipped over the horizon.

As it got darker I grabbed a candle and surfed the net a little (I do have overhead lights). For once it was neat to watch the trains approach, bright headlights shining the way and lit up cabs full of people going home.

I'm back inside now getting ready to watch a TV show I downloaded from the Internet.

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