Sunday, March 1, 2009

Roach Coach Sunday

Huh? Roach Coach, fast food on wheels! Here is Wikipedia's definition:
So when I get home after church I like to take a walk to Parque Rodo where the Sunday ferria is set up. There are a few hamburguesa an dpancho roach coaches, around 3 or 4 that do business there. I can get a hamburguesa and Coca Cola for about 70 pesos (Around $3). The hanburgers are not like what you would get at McDonalds. It comes with a strip of ham along with the hamburger patty, but usually no cheese. They also have a lareg assortment of condiments, but this is where I learned all roach coaches are not the same! I realized the one I went to today only had a few items to pick from while the one a litle bit further away had a large assortment of condiments.

Usually if you are waiting by a roach coach you are going to get approached by kids asking for money. I was really surprised by the two little girls that asked me for money today as I couldn't have told them apart from any other kid with their parents, clean and clean newer looking clothes, thats not to say the clothes could have been donated and they were poor.

I always drop a couple of peso coins in the bag of this crippled guy with a froggy voice. He walks with crutches and has a bag around his neck that he jingles occassionally so you get the idea where to drop the money. I also see him at the Saturday ferria as well. I always say "Here you go amigo", for whatever reason.

Oh, I see a young guy trying to give away a baby kitten, it's been done buddy! LOL!

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