Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Morning people

Montevideo people
My morning walk to work, I see pretty much the same stuff, that being the same people. During the summer there are usually a few transients sleeping here and there trying to find a break from the wind or shelter from the rain. Lately they have disappeared.

Leaving the apartment the first thing I come upon is the cloud of pigeons, eating the bird seed thrown to them by the pigeon lady.

Next it's the "Walking Man", a fairly large gentleman who is walking at the park near the engineering school. He's not walking up and down the hill, I sometimes want to tell him he would get more cardio exercise if he did. He used to ask me for the time, but he's figured out by now that my Espanol isn't so hot, even though I would just show him my watch.

Ol' Limpy, OK, not a person but a dog. Ol' Limpy is a mutt that hangs around the amusement park. He or she walks with a limp, probably hit by a car, but always wagging its tail.

Then it's the Friendly Window Washers, two amigos at the stoplight that make a few pesos washing windows. They're always nice even when the cars are honking because they might be holding up traffic. I see them give directions once in awhile to Argentine tourists.

My favorite, "The Skipping Lady", huh? She's at the park every morning running up an down and around the circular park benches, but the funny thing is she is often running backwards and, skipping or hopping around. I have to hand it to her as she is always there.

The old couple. Don't know much about them but we always seem to pass each other around the same time.

The dog people. Always a new group of folks letting their dogs, do their thing, at the park in front of where I work. I've only been approached once by a dog, a golden retriever, asides that the dogs play with each other and make a "mess" around the park.

So thats the morning people post that I have meant to do for only a year or so...

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