Friday, January 2, 2009

Packing for the trip

Getting ready for my trip home, catching the red eye to Miami, but
instead of a direct flight to Norfolk (ORF) or Dulles (IAD) to ORF I am
going to Dallas (DFW) and then to ORF! I had my choice of switching to
Delta in Miami and flying to Atlanta (ATL) but I wasn't comfortable with
switching carriers, that and my return flight would have cost me an
extra day. My tickets cost the company a small fortune. In fact the
head shed had to really debate whether or not to purchase the tickets,
especially since switching to Delta would have cost less, but in the end
it was approved.

I plan on grabbing a window seat, putting on my eye mask and ear plugs,
slip on my neck pillow, take a sleeping pill and hopefully wake up in
time for breakfast!

The AA seats in coach are really bad, no TV's in back of the seats, just
a couple of monitors in the aisle : (

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