Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back from my vacation

Well I'm back, and it took me three days to do it, but more on that. My
vacation was short but sweet, got a chance to see my children, friends
and family.
Always nice to get my USA fix, the land of the big box stores. The
weather was cold, but pleasant, rained mostly.

My trip there was uneventful, was hoping for the same on my return trip
but as luck would have it, my return trip earned top 3 placing of worst
trips yet!

Beginning with checking in at Norfolk, VA I did a self check in at the
kiosk and noticed only one boarding pass had printed out. As I checked
in my bag I inquired about it and was told my connecting flight must be
the next day, I thought that couldn't be right, or so I thought. Turns
out I had a 12 hour layover in Dallas and a 10 hour layover in Miami!
You read that right.

To make a long story short I'm here. My bag didn't make it so I caught
a ride to the airport and took the bus back. 350 pesos for a taxi or 24
pesos for the bus?
Wasn't sure if the bus driver would let me take my big bag on the bus,
so I just pointed at it, gave him the thumbs up and he nodded his head
yes, hand language, the universal language.

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