Monday, April 28, 2008

Stray Dogs

montevideo dogs
Montevideo is a city of dogs, well, dog lovers. I hardly see small
dogs, mostly big dogs and you have to remember that most if not all of
the people that live in my end of city live in apartments.

So, the last place I lived, Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), was full of stray
cats, everywhere, cats.

Here, I rarely see a stray cat, maybe once since I've been here, but
dogs on the other hand, everyday. Unfortunately most of the stray dogs
I see have collars. Why is that? Because about 90% of the people with
dogs "walk" their dogs without leashes. I'll give them kudos for well
behaved dogs, but it's that 10% which haven't learned that walk away and
don't come back.

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