Monday, February 11, 2008

Pivotal food memories #2

Okinawa, Japan.  There is all types of good food there, the food outside the Marine bases usually cater to, well Marines.  There is still the usual Japanese food, most that I can hardly spell or remember except for yaki tori (Yaki-chicken Tori- on a stick, chicken on a stick, perfect Marine food).
Now I was at Camp Hansen, and outside of Camp Hansen was the village of Kin, better known as Kin-ville.  Kin-ville isn't known for it's food...
One day when out in town I find a take out window, and on the menu was "taco rice and cheese" and someone in front of me walked away with said meal, taco meat on top of a big bed of white rice topped with a big heap of shredded cheddar cheese.  I purchased one and let me tell you, WOW!  Soooo good and so filling! 
I always like to say taco rice and cheese is one word, try it, tacoriceandcheese!
Chris occasionally makes it for me, but with a new twist, usually taco meat made from turkey or chicken :  )
I know your thinking about making some now :  )

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