Monday, February 11, 2008

Pivotal food memories #1

I was a young Marine right out of boot camp on my way to 29 Palms California.  Had just arrived at LAX and a bus took me and several other new Marines from the Marine liaison office to 29 Palms, on the way we either stopped at Palm Springs or Palm Desert and were put up in motel rooms for the night.
So, we all converge into different rooms to talk and plenty of soda pop (Uh huh) and order pizza.  What type pizza to order?  You could imagine the various responses, but somebody chimed in "Let's order a Hawaiian pizza", after some silence of course we all wondered what that was, "Ham and pineapple" was the reply.  We ordered it, I remember thinking, this is going to be good! 
I have ordered Hawaiian pizza all over the world since then!

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