Sunday, January 20, 2008

Long walk to Mercado de puerto, and back!

Just returned from a crazy long walk! I say crazy long because I would have it was around 11,000 meters, give or take about 7 miles! When I say walk I'm not talking about a Sunday stroll through the park, Chris has a fast pace! All in all around 2.5 hours. My feet still hurt : )

Our destination, Mercado de puerto which means Market of the port. It was, past tense, supposed to be a train station but that never panned out, instead it's full of neat small parilla restaurants.
Of course my camera batteries had to die when we got there! It was pretty crowded.

On our way back we heard a the loud whine of a scooter, we jumped and turned around thinking we were going to get run over. As it turns out a two teenagers wiped out on some lose gravel going around a corner and dumped their scooter. The scooter got a flat front tire but they were all right. Good thing here they have helmet laws!

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