Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cat food rebellion

The other day we received some cat food from the States that a friend
had sent us. The cat food choices here are limited at best, although
fortunately our cats will eat it. Well at the first snap of the can of
Pro Plan our new Uruguayan gatita (Female kitten)"Tawny" came running
for the food dishes, our older expat cat "Cricket" could tell by the
distinctive "snap", this could possibly be "The good stuff". Let me
tell you, you have never heard more grunting sound then when these two
went at the food bowls, the cat food disappeared in less than a minute.
There was some hissing from Cricket as she didn't like the idea of the
new kid getting the good stuff, but it passed.

Oh, on a side note, Tawny's favorite toy is a wine bottle cork. It
keeps her entertained all day and night for that matter!

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