Sunday, January 27, 2008


One thing about the cars here n Uruguay is that they are usually very
small and almost always European. Cars that you would never see or
hardly see in the USA, such as Peugeot (French) Citroen (French), Fiats
(Italian) and a host of other cars that I can't spell! Oddly enough
many of these cars are made in Brazil. I would have to say that the
most popular car on the road are old Volkswagen Beetles, made in Brazil,
after that the newer Peugeot 206's.

You rarely ever see Japanese cars nor do you ever see big American
SUV's. You can't go to the end of your street in the USA without seeing
a Hummer, here I've never seen one.

There are also lots of old cars held together with duct tape and bailing
wire, I'll try to find a picture of one soon!

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