Monday, September 3, 2012

Certainly We Can Pick Them

On a few jaunts outside of the apartment Chris has pointed out some tomato plants to me.  Okay, I'll admit I probably didn't really notice but this one time as we were walking by she stopped and made me look and sure enough there was probably twenty or more cherry tomato plants, all dried up with plenty of ripe cherry tomatoes hanging from them (also dried up grapevines with plenty of grapes).

On our way back from our walk we stopped and looked at them again, I figured somebody just didn't feel like messing with them and neither would we.

So I start walking and notice Chris isn't with me, she had walked up the driveway leading to the plants and she's motioning me to follow her.  The plants our on a piece of land with what appears to be an abandoned apartment.  I couldn't see anybody living there.  We decide to pick the tomatoes.  I pull out a plastic bag and we start picking away.  Just then I see a lady approaching and I tell Chris.

The lady talks to us is native language and I'm telling her sorry (I actually just learned the word the previous day!) and she is saying "nema problema" (no problem).  She was not upset at all.  We thanked her and she  started walking away as did we, she turned around and made the gesture to pick more, we both agreed that was in fact what she was trying to tell us, so we picked more.

It appears she lived in a little camping trailer behind the apartments, probably a groundskeeper.  The Montenegrin people are amazingly kind.

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