Saturday, September 3, 2011

Slang Shot

There is a whole new language when it comes to working in Iraq.  Most of it is military jargon, but some of it was started by an anonymous person and passed on through to the next person and so on.

Here are a few common ones.

CHU: Containerized Housing Unit.  What we live in.  Basically about a 15'x15' room with a bed, dorm fridge, stand up closet, desk, dresser, tv, bathroom with shower.  Just the necessities.  They are side by side units as my bathroom walls shares the wall with the bathroom of the unit attached to mine.

Dry CHU: The dreaded CHU without a bathroom.  We don't have many, but we do have them.  One must walk to an ablution unit.

Wet CHU: Typical CHU with a bathroom

Ablution Unit: Honestly I do not know why they are called this as the ablution means something not entirely regarding taking a shower or using the bathroom
There are a few of these scattered about with showers, sinks and bathrooms.

Blue Man Group: Iraqi laborers that wear blue coveralls

Thrown under the bus: What happens on a daily basis here i.e "Sorry I had to throw you under the bus".  As in something unexpected thrown your way.

The Donkey: Our bar that is opened one day a week.  Story goes that there used to be an inflatable donkey that hung from the ceiling.

Haji shops: Again, entirely the wrong name for these, but apparently totally acceptable.  These are small shops that are on the base grouped together that sell clothes, electronics, carpets etc.

The Oasis: Where all the haji shops are.

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