Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Utility Bill Cometh

The other day when I walked into our elevator lobby our receptionist handed me an envelope. As I waited for the elevator I went ahead and opened it and noticed it was an electric bill. I tried explaining to her that these usually go directly to the company which she I wasn't able to make her understand so I took it with me and would bring it to work the next day.

I took a better look at the bill to see how much it was and initially I kind of shrugged it off, then I felt bad. Now I know that electricity is supposed to be expensive here, we live on an island, but this bill was big. How big?

I'd say about five times the amount for our home in Virginia.

In Virginia we can keep the windows open and use the ceiling fans and only turn on the air conditioning on the hottest of days. We can't open most of the windows here as they have been sealed shut to keep out the heat. That and one wall has floor to ceiling windows that soaks up the heat.

We have five separate air conditioning units. They are in the bedrooms, living and dining room. But not in the kitchen or the maids quarters (our pantry), why? Because the designers figured that the tenants would not pay for air conditioning for their housekeepers who would be spending most of their time in the kitchen.

The sad thing is that our electric bill is only half of what the people living in houses receive, which is incredible to say the least.

We have been pretty good at turning off or turning down the air conditioners and now that we've seen one of electric bills with our own eyes, even more so.

But the electric bill is nothing compared to the rent on this place, that's a real eye popper.

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