Friday, January 21, 2011

Of Cars and Cell Phones

Whenever I come back to the States two things always seem to grab my attention, cars and cell phones. I'm just amazed at the cars that I see that I had no idea were on the market.

I got a Toyota Corolla rental car when I went to visit my daughter in California and I was amazed at the quality and features the car had. It easily had enough acceleration to outperform my old Porsche 944, not that I tried to find out... Great gas mileage, roomy. I'm not selling this car, just 15 years ago I would have never considered a Corolla. It had a GPS unit (Hertz Never Lost) with it. I had never used a GPS so it was a little embarrassing to ask the clerk how to. I still ended up making a few U-turns during my trip.

I haven't seen a single SMART car on the road although I have watched the inventory at the local dealership dwindle daily.

And cell phones. Every time I come home the phones get more and more advanced. I had a cheap prepaid Wal Mart no thrills cell phone while everybody else has an iPhone or Android. Fact is, I'm not sure I would want one of those phones. I find myself spending too much time playing around with the baby browser that my phone had, couldn't imagine if I had full blown Internet access!

Well lets see what happens the next time I come back. I'm hoping to see flying cars.

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Anonymous said...

You mention your mom, dad, friend, friends brother, daughter, son-in-law and even a homeless guy you met at the soup kitchen. Aren't you married?? Why do we never hear about your wife?? At least an honorable mention once in a while. Just sayin.....