Friday, January 14, 2011

Catching Up

When I've been behind on posting updates on The Doc Report I usually wrap it all up in one tidy 'catching up' report. This usually means I've forgotten most of what I really wanted to blog about but here goes.

So I have been back in the good ol' U.S. Of A for about two weeks now. I had an agenda and so far I've been on track or better, but not so in the food department. You see there is always a list of food that I want to eat when I get back to the States, namely Vietnamese pho soup, a North Carolina pulled pork barbecue sandwich, maybe a good beef burger and breakfast before I go at IHOP.

So far I've had the pho soup and a good beef burger, but I'm really dying for that Carolina pulled pork barbecue sandwich!

I mentioned in my last post that I went to the Robbin Thompson concert, that was loads of fun and something I've always wanted to do.

I also had the opportunity to feed the homeless at my Dad's church. It was a really heartwarming and learning experience. I talked to a gentleman named “Rambo” who has served time in prison and for awhile lived in a tent in the woods. He had a really great attitude and was very happy to have a warm place to sleep that night (at the church) and for the food.

Likewise in the learning experience department I drove a used truck for my friend back from Richmond to Virginia Beach to be delivered to his brother. My friend bought the truck at a auction and it was plagued with electrical gremlins and a few other problems that had me worried as I drove it to the beach. When I met my friends brother I gave him the laundry list of problems with the truck. I didn't tell him that I thought he should just take it straight to the junkyard. But after telling him all of the problems with it and handing him the key, I realized I just as well have been handing him the keys to a new Rolls Royce. He told me all of the problems were minor compared to the problems he was having with his current truck. I learned a good lesson from him.

My Mom had recently traveled with some ladies to the Grand Canyon. This was pretty much her first real vacation and travel experience in years. She enjoyed the trip and wanted to see more. I came up with a few suggestions and looked at things to see and do, airfare etc. In the end, she wanted to go back to the Grand Canyon. I made reservations in the morning and we were flying to Las Vegas that evening. I booked a Grand Canyon tour with one of the many operators out of Vegas. We went to the West Rim of the canyon and if you've never been there I highly suggest that you take the trip. But do pass up The Skywalk which extends over the canyon with the glass floor. We both thought it would be exciting but in the end it was a waste of money and you could get just as good a view of the canyon from any of the other viewing points. It was kind of sad that the Indians there had sold out for tourism.

Our return flight from Vegas was supposed to go to New York and then to Norfolk, but because of all of the bad weather our flight was canceled and instead we were routed through Dallas. On the good side we were able to sleep in a little longer, on the bad side instead of getting to Norfolk around 5:30PM we arrived at 9:30PM. After checking emails and taking care of a few thing I went to bed at 11:00PM only to wake up and 4:00AM to go right back to the airport and fly cross country again to see my daughter! Funny as I left Norfolk at the same gate and arrived in Dallas at the same gate when we left for Vegas. This time I was able to fly business class which let me arrive rested.

Now here in the Santa Cruz area playing tourist and spending time with my daughter and son in law.

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