Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Corner - Finished Reading

The Secrets of Inchon: The Untold Story of the Most Daring Covert Mission of the Korean War by Eugene Franklin Clark, CDR USN
325 pages
Military history

Without a doubt this has to be one of the best military history novels I have ever read. I came across this book at book store in Santa Cruz and for $5 thought I would give it a try, I'm glad I did.

The author had typed up his memoirs of going to a small North Korean held island to gather information for the assault at Inchon harbor. He forms a small guerrilla unit and together they encounter many situations that would make any spy thriller novel that I have read look like a walk in the park. What I especially like is that the author just writes it as it happens. The mistakes, the deaths, and in the end watching the assault from a U.S. Navy cruiser (although almost being shot when approaching it from sea.)

I encourage you to read the Amazon reviews:

It looks like you can buy a used hardback edition for under $2

This was especially a good read.

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