Friday, November 12, 2010

Flooding Again

Wednesday night we had a very powerful thunderstorm. The rain was incredible, it rained all through the night and into the morning. This meant flooding. And indeed the roads were so flooded the kids couldn't go to school. I noticed that there was no activity at the private school next to our apartment.

Our housekeeper (Chris hired her back) didn't work Thursday so we didn't see here. When I came home the first question I asked Chris is what had happened to her home as when there had been flooding before she (our housekeeper) said the water would be up to her knees in her home.
Now when I say home, she doesn't live in a brick ranch house as you would picture, it's more of a shack. We had let her borrow our camera once so she could take photos of an event her daughter had and when I transferred them to CD I saw some photos she must have taken of her home, very sad.

She told Chris the water was so high in her home that when she opened the door all of her belongings went out with the water, all of her clothes, all of her food, everything. Can you imagine what that must be like?

We both agreed to give her some money so I went to the ATM and got 10,000 Rupees (about $88) and gave it to her. She was in absolute shock, she didn't want to accept it at first, then she did. She kept bowing to us, thank us, she touched our feet and cried (she is Hindu and I had to look up the meaning of touching the feet, I felt doubly bad as it means she is submitting to us, as in we are the boss).

We told her we just hoped it helps, and we do.

(Photo: Our housekeeper holding her daughter)

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