Friday, September 24, 2010

You're Fired!

As of yesterday we have parted ways with our housekeeper. She was good to some extent but Chris was getting annoyed having to tell her over and over again how she wants things cleaned. This is really pretty normal for housekeepers around here, mostly due to the language barrier. You have to pretty much physically show them how you want something clean, if that doesn't work reinforce that with the possibility of being fired and in the end, firing them.

Most housekeepers that work for American's find their next job by word of mouth as if they do a good job their employer will recommend them to someone when they leave. Working for American's usually is a good thing for housekeepers as they usually pay a little bit better and lots of times give them items they don't need.

So, we probably won't recommend our former housekeeper to anyone. I wish her well.


Nomad said...

I tried a housekeeper here.. some woman who'd come to my home for the day and clean everything. I was less than satisfied because I felt terribly guilty about sitting on my butt while the poor woman broke her back.
So I felt impelled to leave the house for a few hours and I would return to find the TV moved and the channels changed and nothing much done. Turkish soap operas can be quite addictive they tell me. A couple of times I came home and all the sheets were off the bed and it was left unmade. She told my wife later that she had had an emergency. (twice?)
Finally the last straw came when she told us at the last minute she wouldn't be able to come for the next two weeks because she was going on vacation in Germany. Surely it was with relatives there but it made us feel like she wasn't able to fit us into her schedule.

docreport said...

@Nomad - I know what you mean about having someone around cleaning your home while you're doing nothing. My wife had a problem with our housekeeper being around and always tried to get her to leave early, but she would stick around doing this or that. She even let work only 4 days a week (We still paid her regular salary).
The mentality (Housekeepers) is that they want to impress us as getting a job with an American family is a good thing, problem is we want our privacy, she didn't understand. That and many other things.