Sunday, September 12, 2010

Patient Update

It was pointed out to me that I should post an update on our little patient.
She is doing much better now and has a big appetite!
She is also litter pan trained and very playful.
We think that she maybe blind in her left eye. You might notice in all of the pictures something
is different with her left eye (Looking at the photo her right eye of course). When we found her her left eye was encrusted shut. She is also cross eyed.
Chris found my earlier post about not planning to keep her very amusing as she did laugh to tears.
Oh, she has a name now, Abbey.
Click on any of the thumbnails for a larger image.




This picture shows how she is cross eyed pretty well




Carol Hargis said...

Is Abbey napping under you chin? Licking the corners of your mouth? Typical baby/momma behaviors. The licking is to get bonus antibodies from Momma's saliva. How are the other felines handling the changes? It helps to remind them they come 1st & ignore the newcomer on occasion. Kittens are pretty tough.

docreport said...

She hasn't done that to me, haven't seen her do that with Chris either.

Our older cat doesn't care, as long as she can sleep and it doesn't come close to her food bowl, no problem.
Our other cat is pretty mad though. She went into the guest bedroom where we keep her, she wasn't in there, but she walked right out and vomited, not once but twice. She has also been hiding.