Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Catching Up

Abby, our little patient has really developed a personality and is beginning to grow. She eats twice as much as he used to and lets us know when shes hungry! She like to jump and has surprised us with her bravado!

The veterinarian said the problem with her eyes was caused by severe dehydration. Her body was so dehydrated it started looking for sources of water and unfortunately had gotten to the point where her eyes were affected. If you click on the image you an see how she is cross-eyed in one eye and most likely blind in the other.

Our other cats are not so crazy about Abby, with some hissing and fur raising now and then.

The cats situation at the market seems to have gotten a bit worse. Of the original four orange kitties there is only one left and she was the runt of the litter. Nobody knows what happened to the other cats.

So Chris fired our maid Monday. She said we could live without one, I thought we should still hire one. So she quizzed me on why we needed one, ironing? Take my clothes to the cleaners. Washing dishes? We can load the dishwasher or wash our own dishes. Pay the bills? I can run down to the bank and pay the bills. It was moot point, really what was the point? So, I gave her two weeks before she would say "We need a maid". Nope, 72 hours, she said it at dinner tonight.

I worked today with a gentleman that I worked with in Baghdad back in 2005. He is an old "salty" Marine, when you think old Corps Marine Corps, he is it. He is retired from the Corps and retired from the company but does small jobs for the company now and then for extra money. We had some great conversations about being back in Baghdad.

The rainy season has started. I remember how much it rained last year. The worst part is when I walk to work, I'm usually half soaked. I also need to watch out for the buses as when they hit the rain puddles you're taking a shower!

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