Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad Day For Abby

Well bad day for Chris. But let me back track. Our last assignment was in Uruguay. The Uruguayan's loved their pets, especially dogs. There was a vet on nearly every corner, with good service and ample pet supplies, so that was Uruguay.

Chris took Abby in for a check up as who knows what happened to her on the streets. She took her to the same animal hospital I took Cricket to. She explained what she wanted and they handed her some paperwork, she turned around and looked and they had already injected the kitten with something. No questions, no nothing just gave her a shot. On top of that they didn't check her out, just stuck her back in the carrier. Chris then reiterated what she wanted done and they told her they didn't have all of the necessary vaccine's, maybe a few weeks. She asked if they could tell her what gender she (?) was, nope.

When Chris got home the cat started coughing. She looked at the paperwork and saw that they gave her some sort of oral medication for worms, not a good thing for little kittens and she most likely breathed in some of the medication into her lungs.

The only good thing that came out of the visit they explained her eye problem is common amongst street animals and they gave her some eye drops. They didn't look at her eyes, just told her that with the information she provided.

I got quite the earful about Sri Lankan pet care when I got home. She found a Brit vet and is taking her there nex.


Carol Hargis said...

Wow. The things we take for granted. I'm not surprised about the eyes, but the injection and their general lack of concern is, well, concerning!
Stay on task & you have my support from afar.

Nomad said...

Poor little kitten.
The eye problem you mentioned is also common here. One strange thing I noticed when mama cat decided to my home her birthing zone was the newborn kittens can scratch and claw at their brothers and sisters while nursing. I think this is a contributing factor. Not much you can do about it but it is a weird evolutionary thing if that's true. The good thing is a constant use of antibiotic eyedrops over about a week generally cures it up fast.
Good luck to your kitten and shame on the vet!