Friday, August 13, 2010

The Factory Visit

Chris went on a tour of a factory that makes everything from women's lingerie (V.S.), Nike, Speedo, Gap and a host of other clothing.

She said at the end of the tour they brought them into a big boardroom and treated them to a spread of goodies to eat complete with chocolate cake.

They also gave them a gift, that gift was to let them pick through bins of presorted ladies bras and panties that the factory had already presorted for them based on the sizes they gave them.

She returned with 9 bras and 8 panties that I guessed cost upwards of $100, I could tell they were expensive. Chris said more likely well over $200! Not only that but they gave them 2 coffee table books, not cheap books either. One is a book of sports figures wearing the company clothes.

She said the factory was very clean and that they provide transportation, breakfast and lunch for the workers. They work 45 hours a week and no more than 60. No sweatshop here!

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