Friday, April 16, 2010

Which way to the bidet?

I'm sure the first time I saw a bidet was when I went to Hungary, in the hotel room. What in the world is this strange contraption? Wasn't till I went to Paris with Chris and our hotel room had a separate bidet room that Chris explained its certain "function".

Our apartment in Montevideo had two of them and they were now new to our cats. A street cat we took in decided that these nice porcelain bowls would make a nice kitty pan. It was pretty funny actually to see Tawney jump up and do her thing like it was normal. One of our other cats decided that it would make a nice kitty bed, which made me jump more than a few times at night when I went into the bathroom and looked down to see this big dark object laying in the bidet. Good job cricket.

Which brings us to Colombo. Well Chris has realized that they make a good wash basin to scrub her feet.

Chances are that bidets are not a common bathroom item in Sri Lanka and these were just put here to appease Western residents living here.

(This photo is not of our cat, but just what I was looking for)

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