Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spectacles Update

I forgot to mention that I went back to the optometrist and picked up my glasses. Again they felt a little funny, in that my vision was just a little off. For the record I wear bifocals.

The salesman took a look how they sat on my face then pushed them down just a tad bit on my nose "How do you see now?", wouldn't you know it, it was the difference between night and day.
he made some further adjustments and gave them back to me. Still a tad bit funny but he said it would take awhile for my eyes to get adjusted to them and that seems to be the case.

I got a good deal as well around $158USD for line free, anti-glare bifocals on rimless metal frames. At least a solid $100USD more back home, probably more.

Just in case your wondering they call eyeglasses here spectacles.

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Nomad said...

Like a real numskull, one time I went to pick up my new glasses on my bicycle. I had upped the prescription number a bit and everything went wildly three dimensional. I felt like I was riding a roller-coaster car without any tracks!

And as if I couldn't learn from my mistakes, when I first got my contact lenses, I arrived late, having taken off early from work (big BIG deal) and the snooty clerk said it would take 45 minutes to show me how to use them. So I would just have to come back tomorrow because it was closing time.
So, cleverishly-like, I lied and told her that I had worn contact lenses before. She gave me a skeptical look and then I added, "but those were hard lenses." Anyway, she handed me two bottles of water and said, "Ok, put them in."
I poured the liquid into the palm of my hand and it was clear as glass. So there I was with my ape hands, fumbling for the invisible lenses. She finally took pity on me and show the right technique.
And again.. YEAH, again, I wasn't expecting the shock of new specs and I marched out of the shop like a horse because the floor was bouncing around beneath me like a trampoline.