Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Proper Eating Utensil

One surprising thing about many Sri Lankan's is that they eat most meals with their hands. It amazes me that they can eat the curries with their hands, yet they do. They take the rice and ball it up, add some curry to the mix and pop it in their mouth. There is a proper etiquette to eating with their hands.

Almost every restaurant has a common hand washing station where those who have ate with their hands can clean up. Fancier places will bring a bowl of water to each person at the table to clean up table-side. The idea is not to go past your second knuckle with the food.

Most food is served at room temperature so as not to burn your hands.

I have tried on a few occasions to eat with my hands, it is a little awkward, easier when there is some flat bread available.

The other way Sri Lankan's eat is with the fork in the left hand and a spoon in the right hand, the fork is used to scoop the food onto the spoon and or tear the food apart. I might have that reversed, be looking for a comment from Chris soon.

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