Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Fix It Pad

One of the best or worst things about living in our apartment is the fix it pad. Air conditioning not cold enough? Write it on the fix it pad. Burned out light bulb? Write it on the fix it pad. Clogged drain? Well you get the idea. For that matter even the furniture can be replaced if we don't like it.

I say good or bad as sometimes it can be a bit paradoxical for me. Take for instance the clogged drain. Do I go grab a trishaw to take me to the hardware store to buy a plunger or go across the street for some Drain-O type stuff and do what any typical home owner or tenant does, or do I write it on the fix it pad and drop it off with the receptionist who calls maintenance and they take care of it?

I can see calling maintenance about the air conditioning, but didn't know if I would have them change burned out light bulbs. GUILTY, yes, I'm guilty.

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