Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Need for Coffee

Coffee, the wondrous elixir that it is. Chris and I go through gallons of it, which equate to pounds of coffee every month. We usually order it off of the Internet, but fell behind so had to get some locally.

Which got me thinking about all the coffee that I have tasted throughout the years.

My first memory of coffee goes back to 1985 or so when I was in the Marines. Had to wake up very early and turn on some HF radios and do radio checks. Someone showed me how to make coffee and I had a cup, and haven't turned back ever since.

Since then I have enjoyed cafe' au lait in Paris, cappuccinos in Brussels, Cafe su da ( in Saigon (Okay, I'm old fashioned, it is Ho Chi Minh City), very good Brazilian coffee while in Montevideo and all the coffee that I brought back on my trips. Ah, but how can I forget the many many small cups of strong Turkish coffee along with good conversation I had with my Bosnian friends in Sarajevo Believe me, Turkish coffee will get you talking! Good memories indeed.

And then there is Cafe du Monde with it's hint of chicory and for a real good cheap pot of strong coffee there is Cafe Bustelo, probably still only around $2.

So, with all of the coffee's I have drank and enjoyed, here is a funny story.

I was having coffee at the company cafeteria in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and just ranting and raving about the coffee that they served. I told my colleagues I must find out what coffee this is as it is so good, they all looked at me and said in one voice "It's Folgers". I was shocked. I thought it was some expensive coffee, but sure enough it was Folgers Breakfast Blend.

Reason I bring this up is I needed some coffee for work and I am looking at the 1 pound Starbucks bag for $10 and the 2 pound Folgers or $11, my choice was pretty easy. And you know what? Brewed my first pot of Folgers today and I have to admit it was a pretty darn good pot of coffee!

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