Friday, February 26, 2010

Korean Food in Colombo

Just returned from Han Gook Gawan, and we are stuffed! I had seen this Korean restaurant on of my trips and it had been recommended by a Korean gentleman I had met.
We were trying to decide where to eat when I remembered it.

Now take a trip through memory lane if you will and join me on a like visit to the Korean restaurant in Uruguay, a very disappointing adventure and we both ended up sick.

What I like to see at a Korean restaurant are lots and lots of bowls! Bowls of different kim chi's!

As we browsed the menu t Han Gook Gawan we knew already we were off to a good start, that and they had the small gas barbeque grill on the table for cookinh bulgogi (Korean for firey beef).

The last page of the menu was a picture of lots of bowls of kim chi, we both exclaimed that this is what we wanted so when we ordered I showed the waiter the picture and asked how could we get this, to our delight he said it came with the meal.

We placed our orders and our waiter later returned with the bowls, lots of bowls and a cold hand and face towel, nice touch!

My bulgogi was brought out and the waiter got it started on the table grill. Chris had ordered a cold soup and it was delicious.

The kim chi's were great, the bulgogi was great, soup was great and they had he hot sauce that I have been craving since who knows when.

Korean news was playing on the television, of course the Olympics and Kim Yu-Na was the only thing on the news almost the entire time we were there! It is cool she won!

The bill came to under $30 with tip. Not bad. We are thinking about ordering the same but getting it all to go and cooking the bulgogi at the apartment.

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