Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tuna Fish, What a Dish

Almost 3 pounds of fresh tuna fish for under $9! Need I say more?


Nomad said...

I also used to go down to the farmer's market (where they also sell fresh fish) and buy a kilo of tuna. The bones are easy to sort so there's no worry about that suddenly gagging and retching in the middle of my meal. However, one week, after cooking the tuna steaks, I noticed the meat seemed awfully dark.. as in black.

My guest and I picked our way through it and eventually called it quits, half-eaten. The next day, we both had a hard-to describe feeling of unease in our stomachs. So we have kind of sworn off of fresh tuna despite all its convenience and good taste.

docreport said...

I have to question "Fresh" here. I think "Fresh" means they recently replaced the ice.