Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Day After the Elections

A ghost town. No other way to describe it. Now granted today was declared a national holiday by the government, but even on regular holidays here there is more vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Today was the day that the Sri Lankan presidential elections winner would be announced. It was no surprise who won, the incumbent.

As mentioned before it was a rather messy election. Barbs thrown out on both sides. To think just last year these two worked hand in hand and now are enemies.

I kept up with the election results via Twitter which made for some rather interesting bits of information. It was pretty neat watching updates come in literally by the second.

The opposition (General Fonseka) and his staff was staying at the Cinnamon Lakeside, where Chris and I had dinner last Friday night. The army decided to surround the hotel. They said for his protection, he said to assassinate him. Last I checked he was still there. Could you imagine if the Army had surrounded John McCain's house the U.S.A. after the election?

I could hear the fireworks inside my office, my boss commented what we were both thinking "I hope that's fireworks". When I walked home it was a surreal scene to say the least. The streets are empty and covered in confetti, there is a rainbow in the sky, the sun is going down over the ocean, the humidity is so thick it's hard to breath and the sound of drums coming from the presidential palace.

Wondering what tomorrow brings.

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